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Cleansing of blood


The developed technologies of Extracorporeal Hemocorrection are allowed safely and in short periods:
  • to normalize Cholesterol level,
  • to restore the regulation of vascular tone,
  • to considerably decrease the dosages of the supporting drug therapy

  • and by this to considerably improve the results of treating such illnesses, as: Hypertonic disease, Coronary heart disease, Cerebrovascular disease, the complications of atherosclerosis of the vessels of lower extremities.
  • The high level of the factors of risk (hyperlipidemia, fibrinogenemia)

  • The clinical manifestations of the disturbances of regional blood flow

  • Ischemic defeats in the separate vascular ponds (for example, obliterating atherosclerosis of the vessels of lower extremities)

  • The rapid correction of hyper -, dislipidemia

  • The optimization of the rheological parameters

  • Reduction in the coagulation potential

  • An improvement in the regional blood flow

  • Clinical improvement (a notable increase in the passable without the pain distance, the decrease of manifestation be ill, decrease or the healing of ulcers)

  • The possibility to manage without the operations on the vessels

  • Curtailment or the decrease of the frequency of the attack of stenocardia

  • Reduction in the tolerance on the drug therapy

  • Reduction in the atherogenic (LPLD and LPVLD) lipoproteins

  • an improvement in the indices ECG

  • The rapidly progressive forms

  • Resistance to the drug therapy

  • The development of discirculatory encephalopathy
  • Reduction in the activity of reninangiotensin-aldosterone system

  • An increase in the sensitivity to the hypotensive drug

  • An improvement in the rheology of the blood

  • The prolonged normalization of arterial pressure
  • Are hereditary LDL-A of the forms of dislipidemia

  • The clinical signs of atherosclerosis with the acquired forms

  • The insufficient effectiveness of drug therapy
  • Clinical improvement

  • The normalization of the level of lipids
  • The laboratory signs of metabolic syndrome (high levels of general cholesterol, lipoproteins of low and very low density, triglycerides; the increased level of uric acid)

  • The cardial manifestations of metabolic syndrome (arterial hypertension, stenocardia)

  • The signs of resistance to insulin, the disturbance of tolerance to the glucose

  • Obesity
  • Normalization or a substantial improvement in the indices of lipid profile - decrease in the level of general cholesterol, preferred reduction in the atherogenic fractions of cholesterol (lipoproteins of low and very low density)

  • An improvement in the indices of arterial pressure, reduction in the dosages of hypotensive preparations

  • Reduction in the resistance to insulin, reduction in the dose of the sugar-reducing preparations. Correction existing and preventive maintenance subsequent complication hyperglycemia

  • Reduction excess weight
  • Activity autoimmune process, high level CIC (circulating immune complex)

  • Tolerance to traditional drug therapy
  • Suppression of activity autoimmune process

  • Decrease level circulating immune complex

  • ncrease sensitivity to cardiac glycoside
  • Activity rheumatic process

  • High caption immunoglobulin, CIC

  • Protracted, relapsing flow

  • Ineffectiveness traditional therapy

  • Express painful syndrome (articulate form)
  • Suppression activity process

  • Correction unbalance immune system

  • Decrease level circulating immune complex

  • Reaching steadfast remission

  • Stopping painful syndrome
  • Activity infectious process

  • Syndrome endogenous intoxication

  • «Immunological phenomenons» - (manifestation of immunocomplex defeat - immunocompetent glomerulonephritis, immunocompetent vasсulites)
  • The suppression of the activity of infectious process

  • Decrease in the manifestations of the syndrome of endogenous intoxication

  • The sanation of the blood from the agent of infectious endocarditis

  • Reduction in the caption of the circulating immune complexes

  • Reaching the steadfast remission

Record on consultation:
phone: +7 (499) 324-97-21 - from 900 till 1700

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