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Cleansing of blood

Cryoplasmapheresis, technologies of the directed transport of medicines, Extracorporeal antibacterial and Immunopharmacotherapy. Efficiency at treatment of diseases of blood - Purpura rheumatica, Willebrand's disease, Waldenstrem's disease, Myelomatosis, Polycythemia, Autoimmune hemolytic anemia.


  • Hemorrhagic syndrome

  • Arthralgia (articulate pains)

  • The high level IgA-CIC

  • The signs of the defeat of kidneys
  • Decrease either stopping basic clinical syndromes

  • A decrease in the level CIC (circulating immune complexes)

  • The preventive maintenance of acute (chronic) renal failure
  • The laboratory verified diagnosis

  • The regular introduction of donor cryoprecipitate
  • Curtailment or warning hemorrhages
  • Today, the methods of Extracorporeal hemocorrection are most effective
  • Stopping the manifestations of hyper-viscose syndrome

  • The correction of level IgM, of rheumatoid factor or cold antibodies

  • An increase in the immunological resistance
  • The verified diagnosis

  • The presence of hyper-viscose syndrome (syndrome of the increased of blood viscosity)

  • Frequent bacterial infections
  • Stopping hyper-viscose syndrome

  • Reduction in the frequency (gravity) of bacterial infections
  • The presence of plasma-cell tumors

  • The presence M-peak with the electrophoresis of the proteins of the blood

  • The presence in urine of the Bence Jones protein

  • The insufficient effectiveness of chemotherapy
  • Reduction in the level M-component and of blood viscosity

  • An improvement in the peripheral blood circulation

  • The preventive maintenance of the renal failure
  • The clinical laboratory manifestations of the disease

  • Of the manifestation of rheological disturbances, thrombotic danger
  • The decrease of the manifestation of panmyelosis

  • The correction of rheological disturbances

  • Reduction in the activity of the factors of coagulation
  • Today, the methods of Extracorporeal hemocorrection are singularly effective

  • The permission of purpura

  • The restoration of the level of thrombocytes to the safe level

  • The high activity of autoimmune process

  • The positive test of Coombs

  • High the dose of corticosteroids, complication from the conducted hormonal therapy

  • The expressed anemia

  • The suppression of the activity of autoimmune process

  • Reduction in the doses of the supporting hormonal therapy

  • The correction of the anemia

Record on consultation:
phone: +7 (499) 324-97-21 - from 900 till 1700

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