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Cleansing of blood

Definition of extracorporal hemocorrection

What is Extracorporal hemocorrection?
Extracorporal hemocorrection (efferential therapy, gravitational surgery of the blood) is the modern practice of medicine based on the directed updating of various components of the blood of the patient in an attemp to neutralize or remove any pathological substances that are causing or supporting the pathological process.
The basic technological approach of this method - is updating the components of the blood which is outside of an organism.
These are the basic features of modern Extracorporal Hemocorrection technologies
In out Center be used the technologies that allow the selective removal of auto aggressive antibodies from the blood, circulating immune complexes, certain classes of lipoproteins, factors which define the development of hypercoagulation syndrome, etc.
The Extracorporal Hemocorrection technologies which can effectively influence many beginning, intermediate, and other factors of the pathological process.
Extracorporal hemocorrection technologies are an important missing part in the complex treatment of many diseases. The orientation of this action permits the solution on additional tasks which are difficult in the application of other methods of treatment: multilevel immunocorrection and correction of the rheological properties of blood, direct transport of medical products, and the aggressive removal of any pathological substrata of the accumulated illnesses, etc.
ЛMedical programs are developed on the basis of certain, scientifically proven algorithms which, using available clinical and laboratory data, provide the choice of the most effective methods of treatment of the pathological process for each specific patient.
With the application of modern Extracorporal hemocorrection technologies, there are practically no negative side effects. Moreover, with the application of Extracorporal hemocorrection methods, the negative influences of an organism on the patient seen with the usual medicamentous therapy is substantially reduced. Therefore the application of new emerging technologies permits the reduction, by several times, the corticosteroids and antibiotic dosages which raise the sensitivity of an organism to the prescribed medicines.
Indications for use of use of Extracorporal hemocorrection technologies
Thus, applying Extracorporal hemocorrection methods can be used along with medicamentous and surgical treatment, as well as with monotherapy.

Record on consultation:
phone: +7 (499) 324-97-21 - from 900 till 1700

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