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Cleansing of blood


The comprehensive program of the treatment of Multiple sclerosis, allows:
  • in 95% in 95% of cases to stop the exacerbation of disease and to achieve prolonged remission
  • due to stopping of exacerbation - in 70% of patients to considerably decrease the manifestation of neurologic disturbances
  • to effectively choke autoimmune process and to decrease the probability of the subsequent exacerbation of disease
  • in the initial stages of disease - practically in 100% of cases - to achieve explicit clinical improvement
  • method of the T- cellular vaccination: it is pathogenetic, it does not have contra-evidence and side effects
The program of the treatment of Myasthenia, gives the possibility:
  • to achieve clinical improvement and to obtain the steadfast remission of the disease by duration - is not less than one year
With the treatment of Cerebrovascular disease, the application of technologies of Extracorporeal hemocorrection in the complex therapy of disease,
  • removes the basic reason for further progression of disease, makes it possible to normalize the level of arterial pressure are created the prerequisites for the restoration of the disrupted functions of brain
  • The confirmed diagnosis

  • The Relapsing-remitting or Secondary progressive form of the disease (period of the exacerbation: the appearance of new or strengthening old neurologic disturbances)

  • Computer tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) the signs of progression

  • High titer of autoaggressive antibodies to the myelin basic protein and to anothers neuronal antigenes

  • The presence of oligoklonal antibodies in the cerebrospinal fluid
  • The rapid stopping of exacerbation, reaching remission without the use of corticosteroid preparations

  • The decrease of the degree of neurologic scarcity and degree of the invalidization of disablement according to scale EDSS

  • The decrease of number and sizes of the centers of demyelination in the central nervous system (on CT or MRI)

  • The prolongation of the period of remission

  • Normalization of a level of autoaggressive antibodies to the myelin basic protein and to anothers neuronal antigenes
  • The stage of exacerbation, the growth of movement disorder

  • Resistance to the anticholinesterase preparations and the hormones

  • Myasthenic crisis
  • Reaching the steadfast remission of disease

  • An improvement in the movement functions

  • Reduction in the caption of antibodies to the acetylcholine receptors

  • Significant reduction in the dosage of corticosteroid preparations

  • The growth of sensitivity to the anticholinesterase drugs, reduction in their dosage
  • The progressive flow

  • The repeated trombo-ishemic attacks (repeated episodes of ischemic stroke)

  • Of state after the completed ischemic stroke

  • The presence of stenosis of external carotid artery is more than 30% (on Doppler ultrasound)

  • The low effectiveness of traditional therapy
  • Reduction in the degree of clinical manifestations (normalization AP, the decrease of headache, an improvement in the cognitive functions)

  • An increase in the ability to work

  • The decrease of the degree of the risk of recurrent stroke

  • An improvement in the endothelium dependent vasodilation (according to the data of ultrasound diagnostics)

  • A decrease in the level of atherogenic factors

  • An increase in the sensitivity to the drug therapy
  • All cases of disease, since all the remaining methods of treatment are little effective
  • The rapid stopping of the exacerbation

  • Of elimination from the blood of the pathologic clones of immunoglobulins, circulating immune complexes

  • The correction of immune homeostasis

  • The liquidation or the decrease of neurologic scarcity

  • Reduction in the painful syndrome, movement disorders

  • The decrease of the degree of the risk of the passage of disease into the chronic course
  • The high risk of the development of stroke

  • The regional disturbances of hemodynamics

  • Preparation for the surgical treatment

  • The preventive maintenance of ischemic stroke
  • Reduction in the risk of the development of stroke

  • The optimization of the rheological parameters

  • Reduction in the coagulation potential

  • An improvement in the regional hemodynamics

  • Clinical improvement
  • Quickening of epileptic fits

  • Resistance to the drug therapy
  • The decrease of the frequency of the fits

The technologies of extracorporeal hemocorrection with the treatment of neurologic diseases
The possibilities of the technologies of extracorporeal hemocorrection with the treatment of neurological diseases can be illustrated based on the example of this illness, as multiple sclerosis.
The most universally recognized theory of the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis explains development and progression of disease from the positions of the autoimmune damage of the myelin sheath of nerve fibers. Accordingly, the usual drug therapy of this illness is directed toward the suppression of the activity of immune system, for the purpose to decrease the production of autoaggressive antibodies.
For this purpose, as a rule, sooner or later in the complex of drug treatment are included corticosteroid hormones. However, the use of corticosteroid hormones, making it possible to decrease the activity of autoimmune inflammation, in turn leads to the development of numerous side effects. For this reason, unfortunately, complex drug the treatment of Multiple sclerosis up to now remains unsatisfactory and it does not make it possible to substantially decrease the degree of the invalidization of patients and to prolong the period of their ability to work.
The comprehensive program of the treatment of multiple sclerosis is developed in recent years in our Center. Until recently they comprised the basis of this program:

The technologies of Extracorporeal hemocorrection
Among the technologies of extracorporeal hemocorrection in the treatment of multiple sclerosis by us in essence were used – the Cryomodification of autoplasma and incubations of cellular mass with the immunomodulators.
The use of technologies of extracorporeal hemocorrection makes it possible to selectively eliminate from the organism autoaggressive antibodies and purposeful to change the activity of immune system, without leading to the development of the side effects, characteristic for the usual drug treatment of this illness.
The application of the program of treatment with the use of technologies of extracorporeal hemocorrection showed very high efficiency with the treatment of this illness.
Under our observation more than 100 of patients find by multiple sclerosis with a duration of disease of from 2 to 10 years. All patients repeatedly passed the complex treatment, which includes the massive doses of glucocorticoid hormones. In all patients with multiple sclerosis with the entering neurologic disturbances were revealed (pareses, the disturbance of the motor coordination of different degree of gravity, nystagmus, change in the muscular tone, the disturbance of the function of letter, the disturbance of the function of pelvic organs, the disturbance of sensitivity).
At the end of the course of extracorporeal hemocorrection the degree of the manifestation of neurologic symptoms decreased on the average in 70% of patients. The obtained clinical results bore objective nature, since were confirmed by many laboratory and functional methods studies, decrease in the level of antibodies to the myeline, disappearance or the decrease of the centers of demyelination in the brain, an increase in the rate of conducting nerve impulses. The subsequent observation for 5 years showed that in these patients the period of remission considerably was lengthened, and the subsequent exacerbations flowed considerably soft, also, with the smaller neurologic defect.

T-cellular vaccination
However our experience has shown, that use of technologies of the Extracorporeal hemocorrection in treatment of patients by a multiple sclerosis, allowing considerably more effectively, than traditional medicamentous methods of treatment, to stop already developed exacerbation of disease, it is insufficiently effective by way of preventive maintenance of the subsequent exacerbations of illness.
At the same time now essentially new methods of treatment of autoimmune diseases are developed. One of such highly effective methods of treatment - is the method of Т-cellular vaccination. Therefore now in our center for preventive maintenance of the subsequent exacerbations of illness the method of Т-cellular vaccination is used. This method is the fundamentally new method of treating the autoimmune diseases.
The essence of a method of Т-cellular vaccination consists in an induction of the immune reactions directed against autoimmune Т-lymphocytes, crucial for development of disease. That is - use of the Т-cellular vaccine allows to make more active natural mechanisms of the control over autoimmune processes and selectively to suppress pathological immune reactions.
In Novosibirsk of CRI (scientific research institute) of Clinical Immunology developed the technology of obtaining the enriched population of precisely those T-cells, which are critical for both the development of autoimmune process and the destruction of the myeline, which forms part of nerve tissue, (T- cellular vaccine) at present. The experience of the application of a T- cellular vaccine in Novosibirsk, showed the high efficiency of this method of treatment, especially in the plan of the preventive maintenance of the exacerbations of disease. As Т-cellular vaccination starts the mechanisms of immunological memory incorporated by the nature - its influence on immunity is continuous and long-term. By present time in Novosibirsk of scientific research institute of Clinical Immunology under supervision there are tens patients which ran courses of Т-cellular vaccination. At the overwhelming majority of patients stabilization of process is observed, exacerbations stop.
This method of treatment is pathogenetic, it does not have contra-evidence and side effects.
However, the use of this promising method of treatment for the patients with multiple sclerosis, that live in the European part of Russia, is connected with the completely definite difficulties. Many of these their patients have the limited capabilities to the movement and they cannot reach Novosibirsk.
In connection with this during June 2005 we began work on the introduction of this effective method of treatment in our Center. The negotiated agreement, by which the Center of extracorporeal hemocorrection is the clinical base of Novosibirsk SRI of Clinical Immunology in Moscow and European part of Russia. We at the present time resolved all organizational questions, which are concerned conducting the T- cellular vaccination of patients with multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis on the base of our Center. At the end of September of 2005 we began the vaccination of the first group of patients.
Technically the method of T- cellular vaccination includes the following stages:
  1. The blood intake of patient
  2. Growth of autoimmune T-lymphocytes out of organism
  3. Immunization (vaccination) by the autoimmune lymphocytes of patient
The specialists of the Center of Extracorporeal hemocorrection is at present carried out the 1st and 3rd stages, and also is ensured storage of the T-cellular vaccine, prepared in Novosibirsk.
I.e., at present we ensure the blood intake of patients and its delivery into Novosibirsk SRI of Clinical Immunology by air transport, with the observance of all necessary temperature and time behaviors. The blood intake in patients and her delivery into Novosibirsk, is conducted, in proportion to molding of the sequential groups of patients - 1 - 2 times per month.
The stage of the growth of autoimmune T-lymphocytes is as before carried out, in by Novosibirsk SRI of Clinical Immunology.
After obtaining of T-cellular vaccine, we conduct its transport into Moscow with the observance of all necessary temperature conditions. Further is conducted the introduction of vaccine to patient, on his desire, either in our Center or on the place of the residence of patient. In the latter case, by us is carried out the instruction according to the rules of transport, temporary storage and introduction of vaccine. After obtaining preparation, we ensure its storage in the special thermostatically controlled boxing at a temperature minus of 77 degree Celsiuss. Storage at this temperature makes it possible to ensure the effectiveness of vaccine in the long period.
The inducing course of vaccinotherapy consists of 4 weekly hypodermic immunizations. Further, for maintaining the vaccinating effect of immunization they are carried out with the frequency of one times per month.
For the purpose of the optimization of the process of obtaining of vaccine and guaranteeing the growing needs of patients for the application of this new effective method of treating the oasseyannogo sclerosis, already to the spring 2006 we, together with the specialists from Novosibirsk, plan to unroll the production of T- cellular vaccine in Moscow on the base of our Center.
You can obtain further information on conducting of T- cellular vaccination from the following sources:
115409, Moscow, Str. Moskvorechje, 16, str. 9;
The Center of extracorporeal hemocorrection
- head by dispensary department, c.m.s., Sergey Vasilyevich Mamaev
630099, Novosibirsk, str. Yadrintsevskaya, 14, Institute of Clinical Immunology SD RAS RF
- head by laboratory of cellular biotechnology, d.m.s., Galina Viktorovna Seledtsova, tel.: +7 (383) 236-06-40

Record on consultation:
phone: +7 (499) 324-97-21 - from 900 till 1700

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